15 Times Tumblr Nailed Harry Potter Humor


On Tumblr, the jokes have no end. Here are 15 times that Tumblr nailed Harry Potter humor. Fred, George, and the Marauders would be proud.


  1. Posted by sNiCkErDoOdLeSsz, — Reply

    Seriously though... THE HELL KINDA SCHOOL IS THIS? ‘hOgWaRtS iS tHe SaFeSt PlAcE’ yeah right... I feel like Moaning Myrtle and Cedric Diggory would say otherwise...

  2. Posted by potterheadem, — Reply

    Harry looks like : ehm wtf is this school. (Shocked ) Neville is like : huh what why ( confused ) And Ron is like : Ok I don't care ( Like he is used to it

  3. Posted by jaceysabo, — Reply

    Ron is just like... yeah I’m used to it. Lol

  4. Posted by cezaraana, — Reply

    Ron's like:'Ok.One more thing on my to do list.'

  5. Posted by amazingcharisa, — Reply

    Look at Ron🤣🤣🤣

  6. Posted by fangirlishfangirl, — Reply

    I like how Neville just looks confused.

  7. Posted by cearaivory, — Reply

    Um, maybe Uncle Vernon was right lol

  8. Posted by saaakshi_, — Reply

    neville tho

  9. Posted by tawaelder, — Reply


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